Admission Letter - Student Visa

You need a student visa if you are planning to study for 6 months or longer in Toronto Canada.

Letter of Admission
We need the following documents in order to issue you the admission letter:

  • Copy of your passport (the pages that show your picture and your date of birth)
  • Your full address and your telephone number
  • A copy of your current school transcript (showing your academic high school history from grade 8 to grade 12
  • Your field of interest for higher education; for example: Medical, Engineering, Business...
  • Your school fees of $ 14,500 US for one year up to 8 courses
  • Optional $2,000 US immigration lawyer's fees to get study permeit
  • Notarized the Guardianship forms if you are under 18. We will send you the forms
  • Optional $2,000 US Guardianship for those students who have no guardian in Toronto.
  • Optional $700 medical insurace for one year
  • Please deposit the school fees ($500 minimum) into FutureSkills account. Please note that we will refund your fees in full less the $500 administration fees, should the Canadian Embassy refuses to issue you a visa. You may pay your school fees by Credit Card, Debit Card, Cash, Bank Draft, Certified Cheque or Wire Transfer. Here are the school`s bank details:
Bank Information:
Bank NameTD Canada Trust
Branch Address5650 Yonge Street
 North York, Ontario, M2M 4G3 CANADA
Branch Phone No.001-416-250 5855
Branch Fax No.001-416-733 3988
FutureSkills High School Bank Account:
Account NameFutureSkills Ltd.
Branch No.004
Transit No.19702
Swift CodeTDOMCATTTOR (Canadian Funds)
ABA # 026009593 (US Funds)
Intermediary Bank Bank of America, New York

To All Prospective International Students

  • If an individual/agency/ or student recruitment center is claiming to have partnered with FutureSkills High School, it is your responsibility to verify their claim by contacting us.
  • For all the applicable charges, the prospective student must transfer the payment directly to FutureSkills High school. The payment should not be given to the agency under any circumstances.
  • Our school website provided information about admission and application process. It is student's responsibility to properly gather information about their application process. All our agents must provide students with the information that is available on our website. Any inconsistency in their claim will be followed up.
  • You can always contact us. Our multi-lingual staff is more than happy to answer your questions and address your concerns with application process.
  • If you observe any suspicious activity from any agency that is representing FutureSkills High School, please inform us immediately.